A Fresh Mint in Your Mouth, 2019

Naosheyrvaan Nasir

A fresh mint in your mouth

excites the taste buds

which have been waiting all day.

To raise a

day of disappointment to a

day of delight in only a

few minutes is so fresh.


In the shape of an ellipse

made by my man Wrigley,

it wriggles in my mouth like

a shooting star denied

access to my gastric dungeon.


Bullied by the net,

the ping-pong ball bounces from

one racquet to another.

Each touch of the net dipping

the cool ball in this

saliva solution that

shrinks it. As you’ll see,


the net is struggling with

the decreasing size

of the fresh mint in your mouth

and the increasing

atmosphere of excitement.


And when that ball comes down

to a size way too small

it’s time to say


Naosheyrvaan is an economics/project management student. His interests include volunteering at his mosque, writing a variety of text types, reading (especially the news!), following the NBA and tweeting every now and then at @nao_nasir.