foundations, 2018

Mavis Tian

This house ain’t built very well

It shivers and shakes when the

Wind blows softly, lightly

Thudding like my heart; unsteady

This house has no foundations

It roots itself in silent clay

Fragile enough to wash away

With the season’s first cooling rain

This house has broken windows

I draw my curtains but still they

Peer and jeer and I lay

Naked to their gaze; vulnerable


Mavis Tian is a third year student studying History and Govt/IR. Her work has appeared in Hermes, ARNA, Honi Soit, University of Sydney Student Anthology, and Youth in Motion Magazine. She will be self-publishing in the near future. She loves napping and is a generally anxious person trying to deal with life through poetry. You can find her online at

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