as she spoke, the sky was changing

Annie XY Zhang

but sweet. but love. i know
this hurt. look, sit with me here
and let’s watch the day grow old

and the sky turn pink as a thumb,
streetlamps flaring awake to enliven the night.

half-moments are strange and fickle creatures,

but not knowing is normal, necessary even,
so take this lull in time

to grow used to your new skin
and relearn your points and edges.
there need not be any haste or roar.

like a kiss, it will bruise
to become


Annie XY Zhang is a Chinese-Australian writer, poet, and Arts (Honours) student at the University of Sydney. In 2017, she won first prize for the Honi Soit Writing Competition and was also shortlisted for the Rachel Funari Prize for Fiction. Her works have been published by Pencilled In and the University of Sydney Student Anthology, amongst others. Find her on Twitter: @anniexyzhang.

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