Foreword, 2019

It is incredible to discover what we are thinking about through the expression of prose, poetry and art in a particular time. Often, at the core, there is an idea or theme that is shared, understood and empathised. ARNA 2019 encapsulates reflection – whether it is existential, throughout history or in art, our collation of pieces in this year’s journal are the ruminations of writers, poets and artists, finding comfort in these pages and as they are read – by you.

Each section is curated with intention and purpose, and each piece within, is complemented with those around it. The first part of the journal delves into charm and a person’s mysticism upon reflection of an interaction. There is love – from family and of the self, to dating, travel and careers – which flows onto a series of portraits.

As you read through the next pages, a quirky, fast-paced bitesize feel will jolt you into different perspectives (some beyond human) and places. While these pieces may appear, at a glance, to be light hearted, if you look just beneath the surface, you will find darker subtexts at play. Reflections on changing relationships and friendships lost will, in turn, prompt you to look inwards and consider your own relationships in this digital-age.

These themes become even more pronounced as you travel towards the end of this anthology, where the self-aware cynicism of those navigating human connection in the digital age truly makes itself known. In these places we find collected and familial histories that can take us places we never thought we’d reach.

In What We Learn from History, we see the present trauma of past evils, while Chopped, takes a dark turn. Ultimately, these pages reflect relationships – relationships to ourselves and to each other, as seen through a contemporary lens, and our relationship to history and how it affects our current realities.

The writers and artists of ARNA 2019 have expressed the intricacy of their thoughts, many of which are shared among their published peers.

As editors-in-chief of this journal, there has been no better way to bid farewell to our postgraduate degrees than by creating, curating and keeping curious with the wonderful pieces in forming this journal.

This is ARNA 2019.
Doris Prodanovic & Nikole Evans

Editors-in-Chief, ARNA 2019