Afterword, 2019

This book came to be from the heavy rowing of our publication directors, Doris Prodanovic and Nikole Evans, who have worked on ARNA since the centenary edition the previous year. Being their second year involved meant foresight in steering the ship to produce prose, poetry and art from students and alumni. Doris and Nikole are exemplary captains believing our shared vision and entrusting us with our duties, while manning the home port, scrubbing the decks, braiding ropes and caulking planks.

Selections for ARNA were largely compiled by us and the team leaders, Jocelin Chan, Lou Garcia-Dolnik and Lilium Burrow. The subeditors for poetry (Shirley Zhu, Emily Brophy, Georgia Tan), prose (Ashley Cracknell, Thomasin McCuaig, Sarah Poh, Ahn Nguyen) and art (Grace Fu, Amber Lee, Celine Deushian) were involved at-large in editing pieces and advised on the layout. Last but certainly not least, Lucy Knight, our cover designer and digital content manager used her vision to encapsulate the tone of the collective work in its visual design.

The pieces chosen reveal mythologies of our nationhood, culture and self, which are inextricably intertwined with our retelling of history and our grasp of what’s at stake. They speak of our individual and collective experiences as humans who have and continue to navigate the complexities of beliefs and truths. In this way, this curation of work serves as a shared memory to the experiences of its contributors. This 101st year of ARNA has within its pages artists that will steer the ship of our future.

Poets, writers and artists alike are specialists. They are masters of expression designated as those who really feel the zeitgeist. Emotional and physical boundaries, both real and metaphorical, are erected, reinforced, decimated and recast. We believe our future is in this journal. It’s this process of articulation that bound us to our creed, as T.S. Eliot once wrote, ‘for last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice.’

It is therefore hoped that this will be a cherished book, one that speaks in volumes to showcase the talent of our students and alumni.

Momoko Metham & Harold Legaspi

General Editors, ARNA 2019