We have had a hundred years of ARNA, but not a hundred issues. The journal began in the waning months of World War I, stuttered occasionally in her charge through the twentieth century, published consistently through World War II, then finally gave her last gasp in 1974. In 2008 the journal was revived under the auspices of the Sydney Arts Students Society.

Reading back through the archives is like reading through the memoirs of an elderly relative. A grandmother, perhaps. A teacher. A friend. Sometimes impressive, often deeply moving, and occasionally embarrassing. We want to keep her around because she is family, and we hope that her arms welcome you with the same warmth and familiarity that have comforted us since 1918.

The ARNA you are reading is a younger incarnation of the journal, still weird and scrappy for all her long history. Still a student journal, whose editors and contributors remain unpaid. This edition is more like our child than our ancestor: we love her dearly, poured everything we have into her growth, and went a bit mad in the process. Both of us Editors- in-Chief felt very fortunate to work on the centenary edition of ARNA, for sentiments both historical and personal: each of us had our very first publications in these pages. It is a joy and an honour to give back to a journal that has given so much to us.

In compiling the content for the centenary edition we gave great consideration to what we wanted the journal to express. Although we have reprinted some select pieces from the archives, our priority was very much the new pieces created by the current generation of writers, artists, and scholars. We wanted the centenary edition to look to the future with knowledge of the past. With this in mind, the cover design for this year’s ARNA was chosen to honour the two young saplings planted in the Quadrangle last year: an Illawarra Flame Tree and a jacaranda.

We are immensely proud of the emerging talent encased within this volume. The pieces are naturally quite eclectic, since we do not prescribe a theme to our contributors. Some are bitingly avant-garde, others are thoughtful and complex, and one or two are quite painful. ARNA 2018 is a testament to young people, our strength, and our spirit.

Here’s to another hundred years.

Love and solidarity,

Alisha Brown & Robin M. Eames

Editors-in-Chief ARNA 2018