There is a certain weight attached to every centennial event. It marks a culmination of history – from ideas and movements, to behaviours and norms – teaching us how we once were and reminding us of what we have become. ARNA 2018 not only reflects on a generation passed, but also marks its legacy with a new form for a new generation of creators.

As we reach this hundred-year milestone, it is only fitting that a new platform for connecting creator and reader emerges. The online edition of this journal celebrates the diversity and longevity of the Arts. It marks the influence of film, photography and multimedia. It paves another avenue for the written word. It does not diminish ARNA’s history in print; it enhances it. And it makes our job as editors all the more exciting.

Editing, like anything creative, is a meticulous labour of love. As our first year working on ARNA, neither of us as General Editors were quite prepared to meet such extraordinary quality in every submission. Each author and artist’s vision was so deliberate, so raw, and so skillfully executed that many works were most stirring left untouched.

Our task, therefore, lay less in editing and more in curating: honouring each piece for its individuality, yet binding it purposefully to the next. It is the heart and character of each contributor that have made possible a journal that resonates so poignantly and powerfully as a whole. We are privileged to have our names beside theirs.

As you near the final pages of this journal, you join us in sealing the lid on a time capsule that carries dearly the ruminations of a hundred years of brilliant students – writers, artists, scholars, lovers, victims, humans – all whom have spilled their passion and their pain into a journal that celebrates diversity, honesty, and creativity. 

To the authors of the archival pieces scattered within this year’s ARNA: a century later, we are listening. And more importantly, to the talented, emerging creatives who newly contributed to this volume: we don’t doubt your voices will resonate for another century more.

Lastly, thank you to our readers – for buying this journal, and in doing so, supporting young creatives who are just doing what we love.

We hope you have enjoyed as we have.

Roya Ghodsi & Doris Prodanovic

General Editors

ARNA 2018

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Infinite thanks to

Agata Mrva-Montoya, as always, for her patience and wisdom

Jack Gibson, for tying up loose ends

Yash Gurram, for putting his economics major to use

Margot Beavon-Collin, for being a massively helpful archival nerd

and of course

The University of Sydney Union

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

The Sydney Arts Students Society

Sydney University Press