ARNA was first published in 1918 as the Arts Journal of the University of Sydney, edited by the Sydney University Arts Society (SUAS). Now in its centenary year, ARNA is compiled by a dedicated student editorial team under the support of the Sydney Arts Students Society (SASS), Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), and the University of Sydney Union (USU).

A number of prominent Australian writers are well-represented in ARNA’s pages, including Dorothea Mackellar, John Bell, Clive James, Robert Hughes, Les Murray, and Lex Banning. More than a hundred years on from the journal’s inception, we remain proud to print the work of aspiring poets, artists, and story-tellers; indeed, both of this year’s Publications Directors were first published in previous editions ARNA.

ARNA’s editorial staff consider it both a pleasure and a privilege to work so closely with budding student creatives. All of our editors, contributors, and designers are unpaid. We rely solely on university funding and the loving labour of our volunteers for ARNA’s survival. Please browse thoughtfully, enjoy the vast talent of our contributors, and maybe even purchase a copy for yourself.

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The journal began publication as the Arts Journal of the University of Sydney, initially published three times a year. In 1937 the journal was renamed Candide for two issues, and became ARNA in 1938. The journal ceased publication in 1974, before starting up again in 2008.

Previous notable contributors and editors include Les Murray, Lex Banning, Dorothea MacKellar, Judith Wright, Robert Hughes, Clive James, Harry Hooton, John Bell, Harold Stewart, and Geoffrey Lehmann. 



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