It’s a new year and we all know what that means… a new edition of ARNA! The centenary edition has been and gone and now it’s time for the next gen to make their mark and set the tone for the next hundred years.



Welcome to the centenary edition of ARNA, one of Australia’s oldest literary journals. ARNA has been proud to publish student poetry, prose fiction, essays, photography, and art since 1918. This was a good year: Nelson Mandela was born, the armistice was signed, and the world’s first three-colour traffic lights were installed in New York city.

The world is a lot different in 2018. We have the internet, for example. We have memes. We have a dying print industry that requires all hard-copy publications to host a digital sister-site for lazy millennials to browse between watching Netflix re-runs and scrolling through their Instagram explore feeds.  

This is it. This is ARNA. Enjoy.  


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Tempus edax rerum (Time, devourer of all things)

Rachel Zhu

Tempus edax rerum (Time, devourer of all things)

Rachel Zhu